Hi ! I am a Japanese. This home page uses drawing tool "Expression" and is a page of the drawn illustration.

Last update March 27, 2009
Since April 16, 2000
Japanese version Since August 27, 1999

This site is "lounge pure". It is a homepage of Hiroki Yoshida.

This page was made with software which translated Japanese into English. Therefore, I think a lot of strange English to be included. Sorry.

by Expression 3
Expression ( illustration gallery )

It uses, drew gExpression", and is GIF animation and is an illustration.
A small image is displayed.

Animation character of Japan

This picture is a hero and supporting players of animation in Japan.

Cartoon which I drew

It is a cartoon which I drew when I am a university student.
I'm sorry . It is only Japanese.

It is a banner for the link.

What's New

Changed the illustration of top page.
And, the same image was published in the gallery.
(March 27, 2009)

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